Monday, September 24, 2007

to be or not to be, that is the question.

Hamlets infamous line, as he muses on the pain of life, which he see's as inevitable. So have I reached the point of reckoning.

I am hereby picking myself up and moving on. As I write this, I pledge to re-invent my life (what ever that means!) and find direction. Real direction. Not what I want to wear on friday night. lol

I have always wanted to do this but todays newsletter from Deangelo got me on my feet. To quote him...

"Not knowing what you want LOWERS the chances ofGETTING what you want."

Time to really think about what I want out of life and not really what it wants out of me.
The human body is in essence wired to procreate. Period.
That what life wants out of me.
To shag my brains out.
Anyone still curious why I'm constantly happy??

But on the flip side, figuring out what I want out of life is a different ball game.

Figuring it out is easy. Implementing it is another thing.

for those not in the know, th e formula is:
Take the three things you enjoy most out of life.
Thats what you want out of life.


1- Music
2- Humanity (psychology)
3- Technology.

Up until this point I have touched afew an d only majored in Technology...Hello, I know nealry everthing about an iPod (lol), computers and bikes.

2008: Music.
Get my DJ classes sorted, maybe get a job on telly.

2009: Psychology.
Long shot but I am travelling to Vegas to meet David Deangelo and work with him.

Is it that plain and simple u may ask?
Aren't all grand plans based on something plain and simple, I answer?

Here's TO LIFE!!!



empress said...

ha! Its that simple is it? So for the little gal(so not me) who wants to grow up find her prince charming settle down, have 3 lovelycharming kids and the white pickett fence how about her,uh?
Whats she supposed to do,she has her list just like you do,probably has prince charming down upto the way his laughter should sound like,the kids hair colour and how tall she hopes they will be.
She's picked out the drapes,the china,everything!
How about this girl?
There is no school that teaches you how to find ur prince charming or to make him fall in love with you once and when you find him.Or a country of gorgeous men just seated there waitin for gals like her.
And don't get me started on how the hell the kids are supposed to turn out.
Ok so maybe she can genetically alter the kids to have the hair color and eyes she wants but will they have the dads laugh? aha!

Life's screwed up if u ask me,especially if you live by "the list" and hey cheers to you for figuring it out. music tick,psychology tick,technology tick. hey everybody,lets just take deep breath's close our eyes get those pens out and put big fat ticks on all our dreams and aspirations,count to 3 and when we open them we'll all be winnerrs!

to be or not to be? that is my question?

Delirious D said...

I like the questions about life.And I agree it is only when we become clear on what we want that we then have the remotest chance of getting it.
Here is to you and to life.
Oh,before I forget,@Empress,I like the white picket fence and believe I to will find it sooner than later.