Monday, April 7, 2008

I was nearly RAPED!!

lol! Okay okay, I really shouldn't be laughing about this. So started my saturday night in my room, I took a stroll to the grocery store to do some last minute "saturday-shopping" for my place, that I had forgotten to pick up earlier in the day. Then she smiled at me. I tried to look away but the thought of her company through the night seemed to draw me closer and in no time I was by her side, feeling her body. A bottle of Vodka. I couldn't fight the allure, as she seduced me, swimming from side to side in her bottle, shaking what her momma gave her and leaving me licking my lips, my mind wild with imagination on what me and her could do! I paid. She was mine. The rest of my groceries were shipped into paperbags, but you, Ms. Vodka, my love for tonight, I craddled in my arms as I walked back to my room, humming her a tune! Some shower gel, a taxi and an entrance fee found me seated by the bar, "one red bull please, on the rocks with a double lime, if you may!" Time to undress! Slowly, I peeled off her bottle top, and she let me smell her, aahh ... a promise of good things to come! Out she came, not at me, but into my glass of red limey bull and together swam. A few minutes, None of my mates had shown up, and with half the glass, a dancefloor and a number of unexplainable smiles on my face ... I took one look at her and she smiled back, still shaking what her momma gave her in the glass and we hit the Dancefloor! To the causal watcher, I presume I seemed atmost odd .. just there smiling away, dancing away and not giving a flying fuck! The beauty of alcoholic intoxication and a an open mind. A high. But like a beautiful rose, she is not lacking of her thorns. Last I recall, Ms. Vodka had stealthly crept into my head ... still seducing me ... whsipering about how I needed to meet her friends ... and that they were willing to meet me ... so what the heck ... I ordered round, after round, after round! Its still etched somewhere in my memory about the time the bar closed and it was time to hit the road. How I met this 2nd seductress, I recall, she was standing there and there were no more cabs. Being the gallant gentleman I pretend to be, I asked her where she was headed and ahoy, she was off to our nieghbourhood! Hope right in, why don' cha'? I said. I don't see why not? She obeyed. Richard was the first to jump out, she was next and lastly, yours truely. But first, The near rape. I have recurring memories of her asking, suggesting and even pleading (I wonder...haha) That I should go stay the rest of the night at her place! BiNGO!! Even Ms. Vodka and her mates, who were still all over my head, swirled out of the way and I got or acted sober enough, to keep turning her offer down. The reasons for this, should be obvious, so I will not delve into the nitty gritty. I did drop her off and later at my place, got my ass into my bed, somehow. I woke up to note, I had paid the cabbie more than he deserved, theiving BASTaRD (!!!) and after an afterthought, that involved piecing the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the memory of the night, it dawned on me ... gosh, I was nearly raped!! Aw yeah, wtf, I will getting wastOID again this weekend!! :-) frat Boys will be boys ...

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