Monday, April 7, 2008

She ws eye f****g me...

I can see you, you know.
I can see you staring at me from across the party, pretending that you're not.
Pretending that you don't even notice I'm here.
I know that you have me well within the limits of your periph, keeping the ever-watchful eye on me no matter what you do.
I can tell what you're thinking, you want me- NAY, you NEED me.
I watch as you pretend to survey the room when in actuality you're just using that as an excuse to glance at me, even for just a moment.
I know what you're doing.

You, my lady, are eye fucking the shit out of me.

You know that I've been drinking for a while now, just like I know how you're waiting until I'm drunk enough to make some bad decisions before you make your move.


I'll play your game, you minx.
I'll deftly brush up against you as I pass you in the hallway.
Is it wide enough to pass through without rubbing up against you? Sure, I guess there probably is enough room, but that isn't what you'd want me to do.
I can tell.
It's all just part of your cat and mouse game. Like when you were dancing earlier.
You think I didn't realize you chose to start dancing to my favorite song?
It was so sweet of you.

I expect for you to make your move any minute now since it is getting kind of late and the party is starting to thin out.
Everything so far has gone exactly how you must've planned, and now, my dear, is the time for the lioness to go after her prey.
I see that you have your coat now; you must be getting ready to see if you can go home with me.
Oh, this is rich; you're pretending that you are leaving.
Oh my dear, when will these games end?
I know that any second you'll come back in, ready to make your intentions clear to me.
Any second now. Oh, you are good....

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